Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Volleyball Drills to Better Your Skills

  Focus area
   Quickness and Reaction Time
   Serve Receive/Serving:
   Stand in the middle of the court, have someone serve to you (or toss
   the ball if they are not a volleyball player) from the other side of
   the net.  Move into position so that the ball bounces between your
   legs.  This works on quickness and moving your feet into position to
   pass the ball between your knees. To work on serving as well, do this
   drill with a partner and see how many in a row you can do.
   Have someone toss you balls from the other side of the net.  Work on
   your reaction to the ball to be able to block.  First, have them toss
   from side to side working on your step/hop to block.  Next, have them
   toss balls close to the net and a little further off, work on rocker
   steps back to hit a ball that is further off the net.
   Lie down on your stomach behind the end line of the court.  Have
   someone stand as the net facing the end line with a volleyball, have
   that person slap the ball and then toss or bounce it anywhere on the
   court.  As the person slaps the ball you must get up from your stomach
   and run after the ball to make a pass before it hits the ground.  You
   can also try to pass to yourself, set to yourself, and hit the ball
   across the net.  This is a great conditioning drill as well.

Source: Volleyball Drills to Better Your Skills

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